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Monday, 4 February 2013

Momentous Occasions 1,2,3,4

I was meant to write this next post on Christmas and our summer holiday.  Promise, it is coming, but I have way more exciting things to share about today!

Last week was one featuring numerous momentous occasions.

Isaac hadn't used his walking frame since before Christmas, so we gave it back to the Physio!  This means that Isaac is officially walking independently.  It was a surprisingly emotional moment, and I was soooo proud of my little guy.  I guess it felt like the end of an era, with unimaginable possibilities on the horizon.

Feeding a friendly duck on the front lawn

Later in the week, we were invited to speak at a NICU staff training meeting.  It was great to see some familiar faces from the time that Isaac spent in the unit. And to have Isaac show off his walking and speaking skills.  Some of them remembered how sick he had been, and were almost stunned at how well he is doing.  It's also quite amazing the extra bits of information you pick up when talking to people.  A year ago, I found out that Isaac had been one of the longest resuscitation that had been performed in the NICU.  This time, I found out that a contributing factor to Isaac's outcome was because one of the neo-natal consultants was present in theatre when he was born.  He was able to get top of the line care immediately after his birth.  She had to use the oxygen at a much higher pressure than is normally used, which did compromise his lungs.

Check out my new glasses
Yep, I'm a showoff!

Next up was getting Isaac glasses.  He's had a slight squint (cross-eyed).  We'd been to the ophthalmology department at the hospital a number of times, and finally before Christmas they decided that he needed to see the specialist.  Upon seeing the specialist in the new year, he recommended that we get glasses for Isaac with the intention that it would correct the squint.  It was really easy to sell him on the idea of wearing glasses, as I wear my a lot of the time, so Isaac was quite happy to be just like mummy.

Bubbles and water wars

And last but not least, Isaac's third birthday.  We celebrated with a "bubble" party and had a mini water theme park set up on our front lawn.  It makes a nice change, to have a birthday party in the mild of summer - Reuben's birthday is middle of winter, so we always have to plan for an indoor activity.  We had a great time with friends and family celebrating with us.  It's amazing to think what we've been through in the past 3 years and what a blessing our boys are.

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