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Monday, 10 September 2012

I'm baaaack!

No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth, I've been finding things a bit tough going recently, hence the lack of posts.  A dear friend told me a couple of weeks ago how long it had been since my last post....
Starting with the anniversary of my Dad's passing.

We've been having some behavioural issues with Reuben.  He's fine at school and his after school programme.  But at home, well that's another story.  Hitting, kicking, biting, throwing things, breaking things.  Poor wee Isaac gets terrified when Reuben gets like that.  I get bruised.  But I'm not giving in, I will continue to discipline him, and not allow him to behave with such disrespect! Mum has spoken, you have been warned!

Work has been difficult, restructuring which is going to take a total of about six months to complete, in addition to other things which I am unable to talk about here.  So I've started having a bit of a look around to see what other opportunities are around.

After I got over the flu, I've ended up with the hundred day cough which seems to be doing the rounds in Canterbury at the moment.

On a positive note, we've hit spring big time.  And I've started getting motivated to do some baking with the boys.  Been doing something each week, and because we've got a convection microwave, I don't have feel guilty about heating the whole oven just to cook/bake one thing.

I have missed international Cerebral Palsy day which was also the second anniversary of the first of the earthquakes - September 4th.  We've had over 12000 earthquakes in the last two years.  But we did just have a stretch of 10 days where there were none at all - it's a bit surreal that a statistic like that is a milestone!

Isaac has been a star.  He's making fantastic progress with his walking.  He is only using it at preschool intermittently, and occasionally at the mall.  His motor control for feeding is improving.  He now has a special raised chair that he uses at the table.  I was initially a little wary, thinking that it would create more mess, but actually it's been okay.  Balance is getting so much better and the exercises that he's doing at champion centre have lead to him being able to jump off his chair (when I hold his hands) knees bent and everything.  Yeah, I'm a proud Mama.

The next few weeks are going to be hectic. Why is it that all the apppointments end up happening within a couple of weeks of each other? Isaac has his first IP this week.  I'm kind of nervous about it, but at the same time quite excited.  He has come such a long way in such a short time.  Optometrist appointment which we've had to wait 3 months for.  Appointment with Paediatrician - I think she is going to be impressed with our little guy. OT home safety assessment, and Lifelinks assessment (my best advice for people is to get into the system as soon as you can, that way you can access as much funding, etc as possible). Add in some interviews, a couple of staff leaving lunches, pamper day, Silver Ferns test.

We were really fortunate to be able to get our house insulated with batts (under floor and ceiling). It has made such a difference and although we've past the worst of winter and headed into spring, I think that we're going to notice a difference through summer and into next winter - YAY for saving money on Pellets for the pellet burner!

If anyone knows how to do a circular or oval crop, please let me know.  It's something that I haven't had time to figure out - or maybe I don't have the correct software.  We're not allowed to put photos of champion centre staff on the net, so I've improvised.

A group a mum's from champion centre have started getting together for dinner once every month or two.  Last time was the first time that I'd been, but I figured if I don't do it now, I'll wimp out later too.  I got my friend Cushla (also a Champion Mum) to come with me.  We had a great time meeting new people and eating great food.  Some of the mum's are graduates, so they know what we're going through. It is crazy how ordinary people end up going through an extraordinary journey for their child.  

I have been amazed a the courage of parents I have met online from around the world.  There are a couple of people from the UK and Australia who are raising awareness of the newborn cooling which Isaac had at birth.  I watched a story on tv tonight about an amazing father with a child who has cerebral palsy, it was really inspiring.

Until next time, and I promise that it won't be so long


  1. awesome post. I understand hard times - we all do. We will keep praying for you

  2. Hugs to you sweety! Isaac is so big now :)


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