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Friday, 20 July 2012

Through the Lens Thursday

When I was getting prepared to write this post, I started getting really confused. The subject matter didn't correspond to the pictures I thought that I was meant to have. Turns out that two weeks ago, I couldn't count to seven! So this week I am intentionally adding an extra photo.

Take a photo of a letter, perhaps one you get in the mail, one you wrote or even a letter from the alphabet {in a sign, or in a book or somewhere else!}
Reuben's birthday ended up being spread over three weeks.  There's nothing like getting home at the end of the day and finding a package sitting on the doorstep.

This is a toughy! Take a photo of something with texture; carpet, wood, a painting anything that has texture.
You may have noticed Isaac wearing this beanie in other photos.  It was actually given to Reuben last
winter as part of an initiative where people around the country knitted hats/beanies for kids in Christchurch.

Take a picture of an open sign, or something open; a door, a jar, anything that can be ‘open’!
"ROAR!" Watch out I'm going to eat you all up.

Take a photo of a building you see. It could be a big or small building.
 Reuben decided that he wanted to put stickers on his shirt.  Not sure about the motor bikes and boat in the sky among the buildings, however the airplane was positioned perfectly.

Take a photo of a finger, yours, someone elses, a finger sign or even a toy finger or sorts.
 I will admit that I cheated on this one. When Reuben was a baby, we got some photos taken, and this one was just too cute not to include in this post.

Get creative! Find a sign {a street sign, someone doing sign language or even a sign of fate!}
Created by the amazing Rachel, this mosaic was made from broken crockery on the anniversary of the February earthquake. It is displayed in one of the windows in our church.

Your Addiction
What’s your guilty pleasure? What do you love? What are you addicted to? Share it!
I was having difficulty thinking of what to do for this photo, then I realised that one of the things that I enjoying a lot is hanging out at the mall.

Take a picture of a plate, with or without food on it.
Because we live near the beach, I have quite a bit of beach themed crockery.
Sorry that this post is a bit on the short side today, but it is getting really late, and I still need to get a few things done before I can call it a night.

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