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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Christmas/Summer Holidays 2012/13

Christmas is always a fun time when you have little ones.  The one just gone was no exception.

We had a family gathering at our place with Phil's family, then I took the boys down to Mum's while Phil got organised for our camping holiday.

I made a big decision, and decided that Isaac didn't need to take his walking frame.  So Phil packed the van, and we headed down to Timaru.  There is a carnival at the Bay every year, including an amazing fireworks display on new years eve.

We had a great area for camping, away from a lot of the traffic.  Uneven ground and shingle drvieways, were a challenge for Isaac, but by the end of the week, he had mastered them.  Reuben mastered his challenge of riding his bike.  I'm so proud of both boys.

A friend of Reuben's camped there for a couple of nights, and the boys were all out playing spotlight on new years eve before we went down to the carnival.  Both Reuben and Isaac had new flashing shoes, so we were able to see exactly where they were during the game.

A lovely relaxing time was had by all!

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