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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sunday morning

We all know that getting out the door on time in the morning can be a challenge, even if it's on the weekend to get to sport or church.  Even if the kids behave it can still be a challenge.

Dad’s Pool of Peace – by Phil Brewster

I got out of the shower
The boys own the airways with disobedient fun
Has Isaac’s nappy been changed?
I…Shoooosh Reuben I told you, I need to hear mum,
Now what did you say?
Yes but the boys need to do their teeth
Reuben interjects, but we haven’t had breakfast.
You said you had breakfast!!!!
No – well I had 5 weetbix
Well I was hungry – and I gave Isaac one too.
Well... that’s breakfast
But we didn’t have milk on it!
It still counts as breakfast! Did you have five weetbix without milk??
Well… you’d better go and have a glass of water,
or your poo pipes will block up!!  And it will really hurt.
Big eyes, gulps water, a moment to think, time to eat.
They’re moving to the door now.  I don’t want to go
to church today I say.
Fine, then you can hang the washing out, and thanks
I could have had a shower.
Bye Dad… the door shuts… I’m still… standing…
Now my heart slows… silence…
The clock ticks, welcome
The kids have gone
And a pool of peace wells around me
My legs say sit, the jugs boiled
But I dare not break this moment.

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