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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hoping that no news is good news

I'm still waiting for a decision around Isaac receiving treatment from the Champion Centre.  He had an assessment with his physio at preschool yesterday.  She is really pleased with the progress he has made in the past 3 weeks since he has had his walker.  I still can't believe the difference it has made to his balance.  Sometimes at home Isaac will use his walker, other times he will hold our hand and walk around (he won't let us hold both hands anymore).  He loves to practise walking, and is just so persistant.  I'm really proud of him!  And the things he says, are just sooo cute - "I made it!",  "watching?", "doing?", "going?", and he's just started saying "silly me".

(I was going to add a video of Isaac playing Reuben's guitar, but there are technical issues.  Will post another day.)

I had been starting to get quite down about Isaac's progress.  But I've been reading a lot of blogs over the last couple of weeks, and in addition to be really encouraging, it has reminded me that Isaac really is such a wonderful wee miracle.  We have been so blessed.  Something that is applicable for both what's happened with Isaac and in our city with the earthquakes - there is always someone far worse off than you.

Reuben has been enjoying the school holidays and going to the holiday program (run by the same people who do after school care), but has also enjoyed a 5 day holiday down at Nana's.  Both boys missed the other will he was away.  It's great that they get on so well together.  Isaac went out and stayed at my sister's for the night last Friday, he had a great time playing with his cousin too.  Phil and I had a nice dinner out at our local restaurant.  Then Sunday night we took Isaac to a Tactix netball game.  He had a great time, loved the thunder sticks, and was really well behaved.  Although it was a close game, the result didn't go our way.

If you have any suggestions for regular features on my blog, they would be much appreciated.  And if there's any questions you have, leave them as a comment - depending on the length or depth of answer required will determine whether I reply to the comment or us it as the topic of a post.

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  1. Once again, another superb blog Tui. You say no news is good news but then there is also "Good things come to those that wait" Fingers and toes are crossed for you and your family.

  2. Hi! Jilly too was given a walker (just like Isaac's!) a while ago, but refused to use it...now that she has her compression vest, they want to try again. I totally understand getting "down" about progress sometimes...but then I remember how far she has come. For Jilly. Not compared to her twin sister. Not compared to the other kids her age. But when I really stop and think of how far she has come from those terrifying days in the NICU, it is astounding and jaw dropping. Our littles will get there. In due time and in there own way. "There" may be different than for others...but sure enough, they will make it. Hang in there mama!!!


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