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Friday, 25 May 2012

A Beautiful Gift From A Beautiful Friend

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch.  We'd arranged to meet a couple of weeks ago but ended up having to postpone.  I almost put it off again as I hadn't been at work most of the week 'cos Isaac had a tummy bug, and I couldn't really afford more time out of the office.  But I just knew that I had to keep this appointment.  I am so pleased I did.

To my utter surprise (and delight) she gave me a beautiful quilt.  I had tears in my eyes when she told me the story behind the quilt. Deb is a fellow Christchurch blogger and will tell the story a whole lot better than I ever could, and her photos are gorgeous too.  Here's Deb's post.  I've just realised that the quilt has lots of the colours that I love in it, which is remarkable because Deb uses lots of bright happy colours and she often uses lots of yellows and oranges in her quilts (I don't really like yellow or orange).  Blue, red, pink, black and white, are definately my colours!

We had such a nice lunch - I really should try to get better at remembering to take photos - the cafe was so cosy and the food was delicious.  We talked and we talked.  We talked about blogging and Deb gave me a couple of helpful tips about my posts.  We talked about the earthquakes - Christchurch had another 5.2 today. Apparently we've had 41 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.0 or greater since September 4 2010. And we talked about raising a child with special needs, negotiating the corridors of the Champion Centre, and dealing with the uncertainty that it all brings.

I feel blessed to have met such a beautiful, generous friend.

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