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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Technology and Clothes Pegs

Hasn't the world around us changed so much in the past century.  Ok, so a century is a long time.  Even the past 20 years, technology has moved forward in leaps and bounds.  And isn't it awesome the difference it can make in a child's life, but particularly those with special needs.  It's great that we can just pick up the phone and talk to someone, as though they were in the next room, or skype relatives that live overseas.  There are some any cool gadgets out there, but imagine what the next 20 years holds....

I do have a bit of a thing for information and technology.  I can recall all kinds of seemingly useless information and have been known to get a little obsessive.  You could even say sometimes even slightly obsessive compulsive, although if I catch myself heading down that track I am normally able to stop it.  Like with pegs hanging out the washing.  I use a particular kind of peg (pink pegs) for a while there I had 3 batches of pegs all of varying stages of colour fade.  I had to use pegs of the same depth of colour on a garment when I hung it on the line.  BUT, I also had to ensure that the total number of pegs was a multiple of 6 - that way it was also divisible by 3 and 2, and if it was divisible by 2, then there was a 50/50 chance that it would be divisible by 4, so a multiple of 12 was even better.  I willingly chose to do this, it wasn't like I HAD to.  When I realised how crazy it was getting, I went and bought another couple of packets of pegs, but the manufacturer had changed what they did, and now pink pegs came in packets of mixed pink, green and purple.  This could have been really, really bad.  But I was able to rationalise my way out of it and can now just use what ever peg I pick out of the basket.  It also makes a difference when you have a couple of willing little helpers who get the pegs out for you - that way you don't have a choice.  I'm not too worried about the number of pegs that get used, although I do still count to multiples of 6 when I bring the washing in.

But I digress, I really like numbers and patterns, that kind of thing. Really enjoyed algebra when I was at High School - see I really am a bit Tutti Frutti!

I have been interested to see what my blog stats show me about people who have been visiting my blog.  Here's a snap shot of my pageview audience stats:

New Zealand - 688
United States - 177
Australia - 38
Russia - 16
United Kingdom - 15
Canada - 10
Germany - 6
Japan - 6
Finland - 2
Ireland - 1

There was also one from South Korea but that disappeared!?

I have a global audience, and I guess that I can rest easy about no-one reading my blog, although that could change after today's post....

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  1. I just don't have that kind of mathematical mind... :)


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