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Sunday, 6 May 2012

What's Around the Corner?

Sometimes I feel like the journey we've been on the past couple of years, is like trying to negotiate your way through a multi-level maze, and never quite knowing where you're going next or what you're going to discover lurking around the next corner.

This week I feel like I've reached a new place, a good place, but new and different.  It's kind of difficult to explain - I'm not sure if it's contentment, increase in my trust in the Lord, change in my medication, a lack of aftershocks or a combination of all the above.

I am amazed at how much improvement we have seen in Isaac in the month since he got his walker (I'm sitting here shaking my head in disbelief as I type).  His confidence has increased, as he is able to interact so much more easily with his peers at preschool.  He is so much more independent, and often leaves his walker behind throughout the day as he moves from one activity to another.  Often when I pick him up in the afternoon, we've got to go looking for his walker, sometimes it will be in the family corner, other times we've found it outside near the sandpit, and occassionally it is near the tables where they eat.

I knew that getting accepted into the Champion Centre was going to give Isaac a heap of therapy the he hasn't been exposed to until now.  The list of different therapies is quite impressive, and if you need other help, you get it.  They are cautious about releasing children from the program, which is reasuring - how a 9 month old with Cerebral Palsy can be released from 2/3 of his early intervention program, I am still trying to fathom.

Isaac at Reuben's rugby practice

We had a meeting with our Family Support worker Friday morning.  Isaac will be attending weekly sessions, and the team working with him will include: physiotherapist; speech language therapist; early intervention teacher; music specialist; play specialist; computer specialist; and an occupational therapist.  I'm picking that Isaac's favourite will be the music therapy. 

There are so many things that I'm looking forward to.  What his reaction will be to the therapists and the therapy itself?  How quickly will we see results?  I know, I'm jumping way ahead here, and shouldn't have unrealistic expectations.  Even though it's all new and kind of scary, it is very exciting, and a wonderful opportunity.

I think the thing I am most apprehensive about is the IP (individual plan).  We haven't done these up until now, and I guess the scary part is that Isaac's disabilities are going to become more, what's the right word, identifiable.  But we will also know exactly what areas he his struggling in.  Even though Reuben is 3 1/2 years older, it can be so easy to forget where he was at what point, and how Isaac compares.  Not that I want to compare, and I know that all children are different, but it would be good to get a gauge on how Isaac is developing and leaning.

Now that we're into the second school term, winter sport is getting underway.  Reuben has had two games of rugby and has been playing really well.  I'm glad that we made the decision to keep him in under 6 grade, instead of moving up to under 7s.  They've had two games, and Reuben is playing really well.  What a difference six months makes.  First game, Reuben scored two tries, then yesterday he scored three and was awarded player of the day.  His final try was a length of the field run.  I'm so proud of him.  He is enjoying playing in his new team and they are a great group of boys.

Reuben at the cross country

It was great to have the day off work on Friday, firstly so that we could have the meeting with Isaac's family support worker, but also because Reuben had his school cross country, so it was really good to be able to go and support him.  The thing that really impressed me was the spirit within the school community.  There were a lot of parents cheering their children on.  Children from year 7 and 8 classes were supporting the younger children, they would run around the course with them, encouraging them and also showing them where the course went.  If there were any children lagging behind, someone would join them and help them to keep going.  The special needs children were all included and supported.  I guess you had to be there, but it gave me a really good feeling about how inclusive and accepting the school is.  In addition to wanting our boys to go to that school, we wanted Reuben to be accepted on the ballot as this would give Isaac a better chance of getting in.  They have a great special education unit, which is an added benefit.  We don't know what needs Isaac will have by the time he turns 5, but it sure is reassuring to know that we have that option.

So does any of that make any sense?  Hopefully it does.  I'm really enjoying the boys at the moment, special family times, and just doing the little things.  They really are a blessing. 


  1. It's amazing how progress a little one makes with therapy. Their brains are so agile, so willing to be taught. I'm so happy for you! Ask the therapists for suggestions for home therapy...things that can be incorporated during regular home activities. This will speed up his progress even more. Make sure to ask for only a few suggestions at a time. We therapists get excited and give way too many suggestions at once, unwittingly overwhelming the parent!

    Enjoy your wonderful family!

    1. Thanks, Bea. Good idea to ask for just a couple of suggestions at a time - I always seem to struggle when trying to remember instructions like that.

  2. Lovely to see how much good stuff is happening for you guys - long may it continue!

  3. Sounds like things are going so well for all of you right now. The school sounds wonderful and wow! Isaac's therapies are going to keep him busy and learning! :) Enjoy every moment of it!

    1. Thanks Lana, I'm looking forward to the next part of our journey


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