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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Through the Lens Thursday

I'm hoping that for once I'll be able to get this post done and dusted BEFORE midnight!  Time will tell . . . (doesn't help when something bizzarre happens with the formatting, apologies for that - I've managed to get it less weird than it was)

Anything from your morning; you in bed, breakfast, commuting to work, anything!

Unfortunately the frost on the plants didn't show the way I had hoped.  I snapped this shot just before we left for school and work.  And BTW, I DON'T do mornings ;-)

Anything empty; an empty room, glass, bottle, sky, beach, anything!
I had nadda, nothing, zilch for today's photo, so I've pinched one from last year.  This is one of our fish tanks on the afternoon of 22 February 2011.  When I left for work in the morning this was full of water and tropical fish.

On your plate
What's on your plate? That could mean - what's on your to-do list today? Or literally what's on your breakfast/lunch/dinner plate?

My boys like their food.  Can you tell?  Today we had banana and yogurt for desert.

Something close-up; your eye, the grass, a toy ... absolutely anything!

Isaac loves having a bath and loves the bubbles.  He would have several baths a day if he could!  Doesn't even mind having his hair washed - such a change from his older brother.

A street sign, a shop sign, someone doing sign language, any sign!

Everyone in Christchurch knows about these.  I ran out of time to go and take a photo of the "Earthquake Damage" road signs, which I'm guessing have been specially made for little ole us.

Something Beautiful
Share something beautiful in your life

We had about 10cm of snow fall yesterday.  It's the third big dump in the past year, that has vertually brought the city to a standstill.  I can't believe how big the snowflakes were.

You wearing a hat, someone else wearing a hat, a hat in a shop - and yes those in cooler months - beanies count! 

With so much snow around and the temperature barely making it into single figures, Isaac wanted to wear this really warm hoodie.  Ted is dressed for the weather too.  We had the pellet burner cranked up to keep us nice and toastie warm.

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