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Friday, 15 June 2012

Through the Lens Thursday

Your view today
What's your view today? What can you see? Snap it. Share it!

Through the skylight at work, the sun is slowly melting the snow away.  Brrrr, makes me cold just looking at it.

Take a photo of a drink, a beverage etc
 With all this cold weather, hot chocolates have been the drink of choice around our place.

6 o'clock
Take a photo of what you're doing at either 6am or 6pm
Preparing for the spellathon next week.  I thought that the words were quite difficult, considering Reuben didn't know what most of them were to read.

 Best bit of your weekend
What was the best bit about your weekend? Take a photo of it.
My bed!  I booked a sleep-in for Saturday morning.  There was no rugby Saturday morning due to the snow, and since Phil had been away the weekend before, I decided it was my turn for a treat.  I really did not want to get up.

Take a photo of a door, big or small.
Many doors in the central city look like this - behind security/safety fencing, with USAR (Urban Search & Rescue) tagging after the building was searched for survivors/victims of the earthquake.

I noticed these doors from across the park, on my drive to work the other morning.  Whether these toilets are functioning or not, I'm unsure since there were a couple of portaloos nearby.

Take a photo of a piece of art you have displayed in your home, you've created or you see while out. Any art will do!
 This art installation is on the site which was previously Oxford Terrace Baptist church, the first baptist church in the city.  Don't need to say much more than that.

Various kinds of art is popping up on empty sites all over.  The city may be broken, but healing comes from brokeness.

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