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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sick Kids and DIY Therapy

I don't like it when my boys get sick - most Mum's don't.  We've had a couple of weeks of :-(

First Reuben had really bad pain in his side, so bad that he could hardly walk, let a lone stand up, and definately no rugby playing that day.  Really not like him at all and because it was the weekend I had to take him to the after hours surgery.  I was concerned that he had a problem with either his appendix or kidneys.  When we eventually got seen, the doctor couldn't find anything wrong, so it was a case of resting up, taking pamol and keeping an eye on him.  Later, after Phil got home from work and wherever else he'd been, I told him what had happened.  He thinks about it for a few minutes.  "I wonder if it could have happened last night when I threw him up onto his bunk?"  Now don't go calling CYFS they were playing, and Reuben had been in Isaac's bed (as happens a LOT), and said he was too tired to climb up into his bed.  So Phil's solution was to innocently throw him over the safety bar and onto his bed.  Seems like Reuben isn't as light as he once was, and this action caused some internal bruising.

Monday was Champion Centre, then the next day Isaac got the vomiting bug that's been going round.  That meant a couple of days off preschool for him (and work for me).  Saturday came round again, rugby match in the morning and in the evening we had our monthly family movie night at church.  That night Reuben got the bug, only he had it a whole lot worse.  He was miserable!  Phil stayed home with him on the Monday, so I could take Isaac to Champion Centre, and then head in to work for the afternoon - let's face it, I wouldn't have got anything done if I'd worked from home that afternoon.

Fortunately, everything is back to normal again now.

We have a routine every morning as we drive to school and preschool.  Last week, after we'd dropped Reuben at school, I'd ask Isaac where we were going next.  "Champ Centre"
Mum: "no preschool"
Isaac: "Champ Centre"
Mum: "it's not Monday, we only go to champion centre on Monday's.  Today is Thursday (or whatever day it was), we're going to see your friends at preschool"
Isaac: "no Champ Centre"
Mum: "How about we go to Champion Centre another day?"
Isaac: "ok"
We have this conversation every day.  I get the feeling that he likes going to Champion Centre.

It was a holiday weekend, so we did a few different things.  Well, some of it was what we regularly do - Saturday morning rugby.  Isaac discovered the hill (only about a metre high), and him and a couple of the other younger siblings spent half the game running down the hill.  Isaac certainly got up some speed on his walker!

Sunday, we skipped church (that doesn't happen very often), and I took the boys to Chipmunks. 

They had such a great time playing on all of the different equipment - slides, mazes, puzzles, climbing frames, etc. 

We spent a couple of hours there, then stopped by Maccas to grab some lunch on the way home. 

My sister and niece came for dinner and then we went to the netball.  The boys love going to the netball, the crowd, the excitement, and because it's indoors there's no need to worry about what the weather's like.  Isaac was so funny.  When the teams were warming up, he was sitting on my knee facing the court, with his arms open ready for them to throw the ball up for him to catch.  Awww, so gorgeous! 

Because Monday was a public holiday, there was no Champion Centre.  Not looking forward to the drive between school and preschool in the morning.  So over the weekend I've tried to spend time doing some of the sorts of things he does in therapy.  Today we ended up getting together with some of Reuben's rugby mates at the park for a bit of training, some play and a BBQ.  The playground had a wobbly bridge, tunnel, and slide very similar to the ones in the playground area at Champion Centre.  As soon as Isaac saw it, there was no stopping him.  I was so busy helping him get round it, that I forgot to take photos.  I really do need to learn to multi-task with my camera/phone.


  1. It's cool that he likes "Champ Centre" so much.

  2. Glad you are all feeling a bit better!


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