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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Through the Lens Thursday

I know that I'm not the best photographer, but over the past couple of months, I've taken more photos than I have in a long time.  Better angles, positioning, etc - see I don't even know the correct terms - will come with time and practice.  So in the interim, you my faithful reader, are going to have to put up with my inept attempts at creating an artistic masterpiece!

On your mind
What are you thinking about? The news? Your family? Yourself?
Share what's on your mind.
When I was at the mall the other day (yes, I do spend quite a bit of time there - it's winter, give a girl a break) I noticed a billboard advertising the university.  Really made me think.  We have come to rely so heavily on technology, what does happen when we don't have access to our laptops, smart phones, emails, etc?  Even after the earthquakes, we had some capability to connect to the rest of the world.

Fave photo
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Reuben has always loved his little brother, and I think that the love is radiating from him in this pic. To be honest, I usually don't like photos of myself (who does), but this one isn't too bad. I think that Phil looks rather handsome here too. We had photos of Reuben taken when he was about 9 weeks old, so I really wanted to get some taken when Isaac was around the same age. This was a bit later than that, but with everything that had happened, I was going to go easy on myself.

Where you slept
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Sometimes on a cold frosty morning (we've had a lot of those lately), when I don't want to get up, the boys will come in to bed for a cuddle with me. Only problem is, they can get a bit rowdy, and then don't want to get up and get ready for school/preschool.

From a high angle
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These boys sure know how to chilax!

Take a photo of movement; a car flying by, a person dancing, someone jumping - anything!
I know I'm always saying about how much Reuben and Isaac adore each other, but you know what, it's really cool when they can just behave like normal brothers.  Wrestling on the floor, tickling each other, the sort of thing when Cerebral Palsy doesn't really get a look in.  It will always be there, something that affects Isaac, but I pray that we're able to raise him to be a person who does things despite the limitations of his disability.

The other day Isaac's Physical Therapist said that she had seen a teenager playing goalie on a hockey team.  The boy had similar movement and balance issues to what Isaac has.  He didn't let any goals through, and when the game finished, he was coming off the field and fell over, the same way that Isaac does.  This has given me real hope that Isaac may in fact live a close to normal life.  That his disability won't limit how full the that life he lives will be.

Something cute
Did you spot something cute? An animal? A person? A thing?
Oh, yes, I so spotted something cute!  There's a cheetah and a crocodile, Reuben and Isaac, a couple of hats. . .yep, they ticked all the boxes.

Where you shop
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I've talked a lot about going to the mall a number of times in my posts.  And now, I'm being really brave.  I need to get new glasses, it's kind of an age thing, lol.  So ignoring the fact that I really hate taking my own photo, which pair do you think look best.  Leave your comments and votes - left, middle or right?  Please be honest, I can handle it.


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