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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What I Forgot Yesterday

Why is it that after I've published a post, I think of heaps of other things that I should have said?  Maybe it's just because I'm not much of a writer.  English was my least favourite subject at school, and the worst assignment I could have been given was to write something from scratch with no guidelines as to topic.  So what on earth am I doing writing a blog?  Who knows!

Over the weekend, we did other things too.  Isaac and Reuben both enjoy playing snap.  After each card is put down, I check with Isaac, "Are they the same?".  If the answer comes back "Yes", I say "What do we do when the cards are the same?" and get my hand ready to snap.  Isaac goes "Nap!" and snaps his hand down.

Whenever we're going out or coming back home, I have been getting Isaac to walk down/up the front steps, holding onto the rail, and only using my hand for a bit of balance.  He's been doing really well with this.

We read heaps of stories.  Reuben's reading has improved so much that he can now read a lot of the "little kid" books that we have.  Isaac loves having Reuben read to him.  He also enjoys taking a book with him when he goes for his afternoon nap.  Well, ok, it's often 3 or 4 or 5!

There are some great apps out there, and I've downloaded a couple of cool ones for the kids onto my phone.  Shapes, numbers, ABC, puzzles, and story books.  Great for Isaac to practise his point and touch (I have no idea what the real word for that is - perhaps hand eye co-ordination).  These are some of the sorts of things he does in computer therapy.

Before bed, Isaac came out to the lounge, carrying his PJs and nappy.  He then proceeded to attempt to get changed ready for bed.   Too cute.

So we covered most of the different types of therapy over the course of the weekend.

I called it wrong on Isaac's reaction about going to preschool on Tuesday.  After we dropped Reuben at school, I said to Isaac "Shall we go to preschool now?" "Yay!!!" was the response that I got from the back seat.  I left it at that, no way was I going to jinx it by saying anything further.  The reason for this is because usually if you ask Isaac a question, then ask him the same question again, you'll get two different answers.  If you give him two choices, he'll generally choose the second option.  Swap the two options around, and he'll choose the second option. 

When we picked Isaac up from preschool, he decided that he wanted to go to rugby practise with Reuben.  Just one problem with that, little dude.  Rugby practise is tomorrow night, and if the predicted weather front arrives bringing snow tomorrow afternoon there won't be any then either.

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