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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Through the Lens Thursday

From a low angle
Get down low and shoot
Saw this double rainbow on the drive home from work the other day, the incredible thing is that the main rainbow was complete, across the side from one end to the other.

Take a photo of time; a clock, a watch, before and after - anything that symbolises time!
When I was pregnant with Isaac, I seemed to lose things all the time.  The clasp on my watch broke while I was out on day. I didn't even feel it fall off.  This is the replacement that I got. But, not only did I lose my watch, a couple of months earlier, I lost my wedding and engagement rings.  I'm not a really sentimental person, but it was my rings given to me by husband to express his love for me, so I was a little upset.  I have to admit that I did enjoy going shopping for replacements!

You'll notice that the clocks at the old railway station (yet another building in the process of being demolished) are showing different times.  The one on the left stopped at 4.36am on 4 September 2010 (when the first of the big ones hit).
Take a photo of anything yellow - the sun, or something you see!

I know that this looks silver, it was a cloudy, overcast day.  Normally, if the sun is shining, the yellow of the sun reflects a golden glow from this statue/momument.  Not quite sure what to call it, but it's the logo (emblem, symbol) for Champion Centre.

Out and about
Get out and about today and take a photo of what you do

Often on a Sunday afternoon, while Isaac is having his nap, I'll go out and do a couple of messages.  Reuben comes with me a lot of the time.  Poor Isaac wakes up, and is really sad and disappointed that he's been left at home with Daddy.  Around school holiday time, you can sometimes find the vertical bungy at the mall.  They were there this past weekend.  Reuben asked me a few times if he could have a go.  Since he had some money of his own, I said that if he used that, then yes, he could have a turn.  He had a great time.

Something we don't know about you
Can you twist your tongue? Did you get a diploma in something? Do you love Justin Bieber bad? Share something that we might not know about you.

I have worn glasses for reading since I was 15 and about 8 years ago I got progressive lenses.  As a bit of a gody-good at school, it was unusual theat I preferred to sit down the back of the classroom.  But when I had my eyes checked by the optomitrist because of continual headaches, I found out why.  I'm far sighted, and it wasn't picked up until then because I could always see the charts - at school they only did testing at distance.  What's been really funny, is that a lot of our friends have been getting reading glasses over the past number of years.  They say they feel like they're getting old.  What does that say for me?!  As for my lovely sister, she is always giving me a hard time about having bi-focals.

Share something imperfect. Is it you? A broken glass? An irregular shape. Something!

Aside from the fact the this photo is not quite in focus - auto focus cameras, I must have had a case of the shakes - this shows my imperfect, white, chubby fingers with short uneven nails.  Once my nails get to a certain length, they just seem to break.  For no reason whatsoever.  Frustrating and annoying, and me not at my best (lol on the last part).

In your bag
What's in your bag? Share it.

I carry this lovely little bag in my handbag.  It was given to me by the lovely Miriam from Create, Hope, Inspire and is just the right size.  I've actually managed to cram quite a bit in there.  Sanitiser, bandaids, lozengers, powder foundation, puffers, and at least a weeks supply of my medications (you know because without them, I am more than a little crazy)


  1. Glad the bag is getting lots of use! YAY love that rainbow pic too x

  2. I remember when you lost your rings! I also remember when you brought yourself a new one, it was Friday July 3rd 2009. We had just had THE disaster scan for Owen and I got your text to say you had been shopping and got a new one. Funny what you remember. xxx


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