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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Weekend Shenanigans

We've spent a fair bit of the past week being home bodies.  I love wearing my merino tops and sheepskin slippers, snuggling under my new quilt with the pellet burner cranked up against the cold.  Sometimes the kids drive me nuts, and other times they are really cute and I just want to cuddle them.  It doesn't take much to drive me nuts! But I think it was made worse because Phil had decided that he was going to go camping in the back of the van by himself over the long weekend, so I spent the whole long weekend at home by myself with the kids.

The boys were disappointed that they hadn't been able to go with Phil, so the other night Phil took them out to the van for their bedtime stories.
Since he hadn't packed it down, the bed and everything was still set up.

I really enjoy how well Reuben and Isaac get along with each other and play together.  Sometimes they are so funny . . .

I have been determined to become more regular with my posts, and tried loading this on Monday.  But what do you know, I encountered more technical glitches.  I'm getting really annoyed at things not going right, might just have to give our work IT guys a call.


  1. Reuben is such a great big brother to Isaac. It's lovely to see.
    I won't be telling my Phil about your Phil going camping. I don't want him to get any big ideas ;)

    1. Might just have to flick a copy of this post to his FB page!

    2. hehehe
      P.S thanks for the tip re powerade


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